Barbián with Rodrigo Cuevas Live Concerts

Live Concerts of modern Zarzuela interpretations

Two concerts at the Auditorio al aire libre del Parque Forestal de Entrevías in Madrid, featuring Spanish folklore singer Rodrigo Cuevas. Composer Frank Merfort and I have made modern adaptations of classical Zarzuela songs. These pieces were performed live in August 2019 during a 70 minute concert of Veranos de la Villa, the closing of the two month summer festival, held every year in the Spanish capital.


Between the market garden and cabaret, between the traditional and the cosmopolitan, this programme proposes, from a contemporary prism, a heterodox journey through the thousand and one faces of zarzuela, courtesy of Asturian artist Rodrigo Cuevas, who has been making waves in Spanish folklore and popular music for some time now.

Although zarzuela was primarily performed in the cities, it often borrows motifs and rhythms from the countryside, becoming the rural dream of those who have relocated to the city. The title ‘Barbián’ is a word that comes from the Roman word barbán, which means air, an  is used in Castilian Spanish to denote someone carefree, gallant and daring.

Press snippets

El Comercio, 30 August 2019

“Rodrigo Cuevas reinvents zarzuela in Madrid” (click to read in Spanish)

El País, 28 August 2019

” ‘Crazy’ shows that fuse genres” (click to read in Spanish)

La Vanguardia, 29 August 2019

“The electrozarzuela of Rodrigo Cuevas arrives at Veranos de la Villa with ‘Barbián’ ” (click to read in Spanish)