Ableton One Thing Video

Software company Ableton visited me in my studio to talk about my workflow regarding the integration of Modular Synthesizers in Ableton Live. In this one-minute video I demonstrate how to work with Clock and Reset signals. To accompany this video, I also wrote a tutorial on how to sync your Eurorack setup with Ableton Live.

Client: Ableton



MIDI, CV, Link & Sync: The Many Ways of Connecting Modular Gear with Live.

Ableton and your modular synthesizer can be a great combination. With CV Tools, included in Ableton Live Suite 10, you can bring the digital and analog worlds together by using the included devices. For syncing Live to your modular, you can use CV Tools’ Clock and Trigger devices – they work with any audio interface. All of CV Tools’ other devices require a DC-coupled interface to work correctly.

But not to worry, if you don’t own a DC-coupled interface or don’t have Live 10 Suite, there are other ways to connect your modular system with Ableton Live. Before we take a closer look at the options, we recommend you check out this article on using external hardware with Ableton Live.