Sumera Animal & Faith

Composition and Music Production of singles Animal and Faith

I have co-written and produced Animal and Faith, two tracks that have been released on Don Diablo´s label Hexagon Records

First single Animal got released in February 2017, the track received critical acclaim and was included on several worldwide Spotify playlists. Second single Faith was released in October 2017 and got support from various blogs and music websites. Both tracks were released through Hexagon Records, a sub-label of Spinnin´ Records.

A third track, a rendition of the 90s classic Show Me Love, was released on SoundCloud in summer 2017.

Additionally, I have been playing shows with Sumera from 2015 – 2017 in Spain, The Netherlands and Germany.



Show Me Love

Press Clips


After writing and producing the song with her long collaborator, Berlin-based artist XNDR, she now took charge of the art direction and editing of her video, showing her passion for music. Mixing her Latin-American roots with her European travels, the star has shown her unique sense of crafting her own vision. The video explores her isolation through devotion, her power to self-destruction because of desire., 2017


This hair-raising tune by Sumera is part of a trilogy and the follow-up single to ‘Animal’ which I released earlier this year on my label. Sumera is an amazingly talented singer and artist in her own right and showcasing talent and passion is what HEXAGON is all about. Let’s keep pushing things forward.

Don Diablo, 2017