XNDR Presents Dark Modular Techno


For Loopmasters I produced a sample pack containing over 1 GB of rhythmic elements, all created with a modular synthesizer.

XNDR Presents Dark Modular Techno is a brooding, industrial and forward thinking collection of futuristic Techno sounds with a twisted and sinister edge. Tread lightly, as this 100% royalty free selection of sounds will draw you into a murky world of relentless and raw sonic energy.

All sounds in this pack come straight from a modular synthesizer system including modules by Mutable Instruments, Noise Engineering, Make Noise, Møffenzeef Modular, Intellijel, Malekko Heavy Industries, Meng Qi Music, Hexinverter, Tiptop Audio, Audio Damage and ALM Busy Circuits. No software instruments were used to create the sounds, all audio in this pack is 100% hardware. For final processing, subtle software and hardware compression, reverbs and delays have been put to use.